'Friday of Martyr's Dream' off in Tahrir to set stage for 25 Jan

Ahram Online, Friday 20 Jan 2012

The Friday 5 days before the anniversary of Egypt's revolution will see demonstrations in Tahrir Square to mourn the loss of those killed in the last year, with activists pressing for large demonstrations on 25 Jan

Tahrir Square (Photo: Reuters)

About 75 political groups are expected to turn up in Tahrir Square this Friday, 20 January to participate in the "Friday of Martyr's Dream" rally to honour the revolution’s dead.

The protests come only days before the first anniversary of the January 25 revolution, and are part of a week-long preparations to mobilise for the event.

The protesters are expected to dress in black to show respect and grieve for all those who died during the revolution.

Several marches including a women-led protest are also planned across the city and are set to converge onto the Square.

An art exhibition, including a video show by the grassroots campaign Kazeboon of human rights violations by security forces that took place during the first year of the revolution, will be on display in Tahrir Square.

Activists are also expected to distribute thousands of fliers to the protesters to urge them to join the January 25 revolution anniversary demonstrations.

Protesters will push for all the demands of the January 25 revolution to be fulfilled and for the ruling military council to transfer power to a civilian authority.

Among the groups who will participate today are the 6th of April Movement, Youth for Freedom and Justice and the Revolutionary Youth Coalition.

In Alexandria, a women’s march is also planned at 3pm, starting from Al-Qaed Ibrahim Mosque and will head to Manshiya Square.

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