Egyptian man stabbed to death while fending off sexual harasser

Ahram Online , Wednesday 23 Jan 2019

The stabbing followed a brawl that ensued when one man tried to stop another man from harassing a female passerby

An Egyptian man was stabbed to death as he attempted to fend off another man harassing a woman in a district of southern Cairo, a security source said.

The 36-year old, identified as Sayed Taha, went to defend a female passerby as another man attempted to harass her. The two men had a brawl, resulting in the harasser stabbing Taha to death, the source said.

The attacker has been arrested.

Sexual harrassment has been commonplace in Egypt in recent years. Arrests have been made under a new law Egypt issued in 2014 which punishes sexual harassment with at least six months in jail or fines of at least 3,000 Egyptian pounds.

Egypt’s top Sunni Muslim authority Al-Azhar had called for strong penalties against perpetrators of sexual harassment and said that women should not be blamed for it, adding last year that sexual harrasment "violates women’s privacy, freedom and human dignity.”

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