Egypt Armed Forces training select conscripts in information technology, telecommunications

Ahmed Eleiba , Wednesday 30 Jan 2019

Army training centre
The armed forces' specialized centre for training (Photo Courtesy of Egyptian armed forces spokesman)

Egypt’s Armed Forces is testing the proficiency of conscripts in the fields of information technology and telecommunications with the aim of training them to develop their skills in the field, a statement by the Armed Forces said on Wednesday.

The programme has tested 750 conscripts from the various branches and departments of the Armed Forces to discover and develop their skills.

The programme aims to increase their job opportunities by helping them meet the demands of the job market after they complete their military service.

The programme, which being implemented in cooperation with the information technology and telecommunications ministry, will offer modern training programmes for conscripts that pass the aptitude tests.

The programme involves intensified training over the course of three months with the aim of producing graduates with communication and presentation skills and the highest degree of professionalism.

The Armed Forces' effort is part of a strategic plan for sustainable development and keeping up with the latest technological advancements, help all government sectors complete digitalizing their operations, and compile comprehensive databases to build smart communities. 

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