Revolutionaries march to demand SCAF transfer power to parliament

Ahram Online, Sunday 22 Jan 2012

Demonstrators plan marches to urge MPs to support calls for a military council hand-over of power to the elected lower house on January 25 anniversary

Anti-SCAF demonstrations
Candlelight vigil held overnight in memory of Egyptians who died during the protests of 2011. [Photo: Reuters]

Bearing the slogan “hand over power to the elected parliament on January 25,” activists have planned several marches to converge at various MPs’ residences Sunday. There they will demand support and backing from the MPs in the call for the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) to transfer power on 25 January to the recently elected People’s Assembly (parliament’s lower house), as the sole legitimate civilian body.

One march will set-off from Vinnie Square in Cairo’s Dokki district, converging at MP Amr El-Shobaky’s residence where protesters will demand he sign the petition and join the demonstration. Another march will start from Al-Horeya Square in Cairo’s district of Maadi and head to the Egyptian Social Democratic Party’s offices to obtain MP and party member Ziad El-Eleimy’s signature as a representative of the Egyptian Bloc.

Three other marches will start from Shubra, one will head to MP Khaled Abd El-Aziz Shabaan, another to MP Emad Gad and the third to MP Bassem Kamel. In Daqahleya, a march will target the residence of MP Mostafa El-Guindy.

The campaign demanding the hand-over of power to parliament stated that the initiative took root following the military council’s failure in managing the transition and as a reaction to recent military and police violations which include beating, torture and killing. The campaign also criticised the ruling junta for its failure to meet the revolution’s demands and presents itself as a response to the SCAF’s criticism to revolutionaries for not having a leadership or an organised body to take over power. Activists leading the campaign explained that the newly elected Assembly is the only representative body that could legitimately take the reins from the SCAF.

Among the campaign’s demands is that the speaker of the lower house manage the transition period or that parliament elects a temporary president to do so until a president is democratically elected. Campaigners believe that such a move will guarantee presidential elections and assure a constitutional drafting process without military interference.

The campaign also calls on MPs to head to Tahrir Square on 25 January and take an oath to restore the rights of the revolution’s martyrs and injured and meet the revolution’s demands. The MPs are also called upon to end the state of emergency and free all civilians in military prisons.  

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