46 'dangerous terrorists' and 3 soldiers killed in Sinai operations - Egypt's military

Ahmed Eleiba , Monday 11 Mar 2019

File Photo: Egyptian troops in Sinai (Photo: Reuters)

Forty-six "extremely dangerous" terrorists have been killed in northern and central Sinai during operations by Egypt's armed forces, according to a military statement on the latest developments related to Operation Sinai 2018.

In the 32nd statement on the comprehensive counter-terrorism operation, which was launched in 2018, the Egyptian armed forces said the terrorists were killed following shootouts in northern and central Sinai.

Around 15 hideouts and four vehicles used by the terrorists in the north-east were destroyed by the air forces.

Three army soldiers were martyred in those operations, the statement said.

The timeframe of events was not specified.

Seventeen vehicles used for smuggling across borders were destroyed, as were ten other vehicles and a hideout by terrorists, in the southern and western area.

Forces discovered and demolished a number of hotbeds occupied by the terrorists in northern and central Sinai, seizing weaponry and ammunition and highly explosive material used to prepare improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

Around a hundred criminal elements and suspects were arrested.

A total of 204 IEDs were found and detonated by the military. A number of RPGs and mortars, used by the extremist elements to attack security checkpoints, were confiscated.

Around ten tunnel openings located at the international borderline with Rafah were destroyed.

The statement added that naval forces have continued to secure coastal borderlines to block smuggling attempts through both the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.

Border guards, in cooperation with the police and military, discovered and destroyed 244 feddans of poppies, two tonnes of cannabis, and 1 million narcotic pills, as well as black powder used for IEDs.

They were able to seize 117 vehicles used in smuggling activities across borders, as well as confiscating an amount of ammunition and weaponry in different strategic locations.

The armed forces launched Operation Sinai 2018 in February last year to target terrorist and criminal organisations in northern and central Sinai, parts of the Nile Delta and the Western Desert.

The operation involves the army, navy, border patrol, air force and police.

Hundreds of terrorists have been killed as part of its activities. 

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