Egypt's EMA warns of unstable weather starting Friday

Ahram Online , Wednesday 27 Mar 2019

Egypt is expected to witness unstable weather starting next Friday (File Photo)

Egypt's Meteorological Authority (EMA) said that the country is expected to witness unstable weather starting next Friday, with the possibility of rain falling on Northern Coasts, Nile Delta and Cairo, which may reach the level of a storm on some parts of Sinai.

The EMA said that active dusty winds is expected all over most parts of the country, which may reach sandstorms on Saturday and Sunday on the southern parts of the country, South Sinai and Suez Canal cities.

"Temperatures are expected to drop by 5-6 degrees , while heavy wind is expected to settle down starting Monday", the statement added.

The EMA advised citizens to keep on wearing winter clothes , stay away from maritime activities , especially in the Mediterranean sea and avoid direct exposure to dusty wind.

The winter season officially ended in Egypt on 21 March.

Average Temperatures forecasts across Egypt expected on Friday are as follows:

Cairo/Nile Delta: 27 degrees at Highs - 16 at Lows

Northeastern Coasts and North Sinai 23 - 13

Northwestern Coasts: 20-12

South Sinai and Hurghada: 27 – 17

Northern Upper Egypt: 30-14

Southern Upper Egypt: 33-16

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