Egypt activists released, case postponed pending further investigations

Nourhan El-Abbassy, Thursday 6 Jan 2011

Activists detained during this week's demonstrations denouncing the church bombing have been released

Egypt has been with a series of protests in the aftermath of the bombing of the Two Saints Church on New Year's Eve (Photo Reuters)

Egypt's Al-Galaa Court released five activists who were detained this week demonstrating in condemnation of the church bombing that hit Alexandria's Saints Church on New Year's eve. The court report said the activists were released pending further investigations to their case.

The five activists - from the 6th April Movement and the Justice and Freedom Movement - were detained on January 3 as they were protesting in front of Massara Church in Shubra.

"They were supporting fellow Copts, however, police accused them with fabricated charges," Mohamed Shoukry, media director for the 6th of April movement, told Ahram Online.

Tamer El-Sady, Mostafa Shawky, Mohamed Nagy, Mostafa Mohie and Mohamed Atef were accused of intentional sabotage of public facilities, inciting strife, attacking four police officers and beating 15 soldiers who were on duty.

The five activists are currently free pending further court investigations.

The protest from which the five were arrested was held in front of Massara church in Shubra on Monday to demand that officials be held accountable for their "failure to provide the necessary security". The officials accused of being partially responsible for the attack include the Minister of Interior and the Governor of Alexandria.

Tensions between police and the protestors had escalated when police tried to block a marching procession of demonstrators. Police and protestors threw rocks at one another leaving at least ten protestors injured and two officers and twelve policemen wounded in the clash.

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