Muslim and Coptic scholars to discuss unifying the message of religious sermons

Ahram Online, Thursday 6 Jan 2011

The Religion Committee of Egypt's People's Assembly will meet next week to discuss phraseology used by Muslim and Coptic religious figures in public sermons

Pope Shenouda
Egypt's Pope Shenouda III

Al-Sayed Al-Sharif, head of the People Assembly's religion committee said that Muslim and Coptic scholars will be meeting next week to discuss religious phraseology used in public sermons. The meeting aims to ensure that Egypt's Friday and Sunday sermons, held for Muslim and Copts respectively, should highlight the true meaning of peace, citizenship and nationhood. 

"The Religious Committee in the People's Assembly is a legislative committee interested in all religions and has no barriers or impediments in discussing any religion," he said, stressing the committee's equal commitment to addressing issues concerning both the Muslim and Coptic communities. 

Since last Saturday's bombing that claimed 21 lives, committee members paid hospital visits to the Saints Church victims. They also launched a blood donation drive, which secured 350 donations in its first day - from both Muslims and Christians.

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