Libyan powers praise Sisi's role in eliminating terror groups

MENA , Monday 17 Jun 2019

Egypt's president Abdel Fatah al-Sisi

Participants of the Libyan National Forces conference held in Cairo have expressed appreciation for efforts exerted by Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi to thwart the plans of terror groups targeting Egypt and the region.

Coordinator of the meeting Abdel-Kabir Al-Fakhry praised the Egyptian people for supporting the Libyans in their efforts to stand up to the powers of extremism and terrorism, pointing out that Libya's tribal leaders have helped fight extremism.

Dr Mostafa El-Zaydy, the secretary-general of the Libyan National Movement, said that Egypt’s June 30 Revolution put an end to the power of extremism and terrorism and praised the courage of the Libyan Armed Forces in combating terrorism.

The participants of the meeting, which kicked off in Cairo Monday, expressed their rejection of the interference by Qatar and Turkey in Libya's internal affairs.

The meeting reaffirmed the vital role played by the Libyan army to put an end to terrorists' control over Tripoli, restore stability in Libya and protect the state’s unity and sovereignty.

Meanwhile, Libyan parliament speaker Aguila Saleh affirmed that Egypt, under the leadership of President El-Sisi, has been one of the staunchest supporters of Libya's legitimacy, national army and parliament.

In an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Saleh spoke about the role of the African Union and the Arab League in finding a political solution to the Libya crisis.

"Decision makers are not conscious of the realities; many have no idea about the nature of the Libyan people. From the early beginning of the conflict, President El-Sisi has maintained a crystal clear stance siding with the legitimacy, the national army and parliament," Saleh said during the interview.

"President El-Sisi always stresses the importance of upholding Libya's sovereignty and the unity of its territories, while rejecting all forms of [outside] interference."

Saleh blamed “some forces in the international community” for the failure to hold elections in his country, saying that Libyans should be encouraged to cast their ballots without foreign interference.

On whether the current situation in the Libya was conducive to holding polls, Saleh noted that 85 percent of the population supported this demand.

“It is the only road that will lead to a solution,” he said.

“The Libyans reject all that is imposed on them from abroad. We are a united people and a cohesive social fabric, but foreign interference is distorting this cohesion.”

When asked about his relationship with UN envoy Ghassan Salame, Saleh emphasised that he was biased to the GNA, “which is not considered as a party to dialogue.”

“The parliament has already rejected this government and has not given it its confidence,” he added.

Furthermore, he accused Qatar and Turkey of supporting groups in Tripoli that the Libyan army considers "terrorist", noting that the army should “carry out its duty towards the security and stability of the homeland.”

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