Egyptian Navy Forces rescue 11 people after motorboat runs aground off a Red Sea island

Ahmed Eleiba , Tuesday 9 Jul 2019

The Egyptian Navy Forces on Monday rescued 11 people on a touristic motorboat after their boat ran aground off an island in the Red Sea, according to a statement published on the official Facebook page of the Armed Forces spokesperson.

The Navy Forces received a notice that the touristic motorboat "My Oxygen," which was carrying eight Egyptians and a three-member crew, ran aground off one of the Red Sea islands, the statement explained.

The statement added that an Egyptian Navy Forces unit, which was tasked with securing the waters around the Port of Hurghada on the Red Sea, was dispatched to carry out rescue operations.

The Egyptian passengers on the motorboat and the boat's crew were rescued from the run-aground vessel, and they received medical and logistical support upon their arrival to the Navy's station in Hurghada, the statement said.

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