Airports, Suez Canal operating normally despite strike call

Ahram Online, Saturday 11 Feb 2012

Airport and Suez Canal employees resumed a normal working day, despite calls for a general strike aimed at pressuring the ruling military council to step down

Suez Canal
File photo: Suez Canal (Photo: AP)

Airport workers across Egypt have reportedly failed to heed earlier calls for a national strike on Saturday. A number of international airline companies including Tunisian, Jordanian, Yemeni and Italian airlines, canceled their flights in anticipation of the disruption caused by the calls for civil disobedience in Egypt.

Last week, military forces stepped up security presence in Egypt's main Cairo airport after groups called for a general strike on Saturday, 11 February aimed at pressurising the ruling military council to transfer power to civilian authority.

Suez Canal workers also resumed their work normally according to a state television statement made by one of its managers on Saturday morning.

Over the past week, 30 student union groups across the country issued statements announcing a lecture strike starting Saturday, to demand the military council to leave power.

Egypt Revolutionaries' Alliance, a coalition of over 50 political groups including January 25 Revolution Youth Coalition, April 6 Youth Movement, the Maspero Revolutionaries and the Wasat Party, endorsed the call for civil disobedience on Saturday, the anniversary of former president Hosni Mubark's ouster.

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