Real estate department functions normally despite calls for strike

Ahram Online , Saturday 11 Feb 2012

One of the few government bureaus that normally works on a Saturday continues its work today, despite calls for a nationwide general strike

The Real Estate Registration and Documentation Department, under the Ministry of Justice, which is responsible for all affairs concerning the sale, rent and inheritance of residential, commercial and agricultural real estate, was running normally on Saturday, despite a national strike called for by a number of political groups, students and workers unions. 

The department is one of the few governmental bureaus that is open on Saturday, part of the weekend. 

Mohamed El-Ghouly, working in the Technical Inspection Department, stated that their work is for the "well-being and service of the general public," and that by shutting down on a normal work day, citizens would be those harmed. He added that in their daily rounds of inspection, no employee had appealed to strike in the past week.  

El-Ghouly stated that there are legal channels to pursue in order to assert justifiable demands. "That is what the unions are for," he said.  

One woman working in the documentation section said that there was a "general consensus" amongst employees that work would go on as usual and that the justice ministry had not ordered them otherwise.

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