Egypt's interior ministry identifies members of Hasm's terrorist cell behind the NCI explosion; raids 2 hideouts

Ahmed Morsy , Thursday 8 Aug 2019

The Ministry of Interior identified Abdel-Rahman Khaled Mahmoud, a member of the Hasm terrorist cell, as the person who carried out the attack outside the National Cancer Institute's (NCI) in Cairo on Sunday.

Egypt's Interior Ministry named on Thursday Abdel-Rahman Khaled Mahmoud Abdel-Rahman, 24, a member of the Hasm terrorist cell, which is affiliated to the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood organization, as the person who carried out the explosion which occured outside the National Cancer Institute's (NCI) in Cairo on Sunday.

"After conducting inspections and investigations, as well as gathering and analyzing information by the National Security Sector to identify the perpetrator of the NCI's explosion, his identity was determined as Abdel-Rahman Khaled Mahmoud, a member of Hasm movement, which is affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization," a statement issued by the interior ministry said.

"This has been confirmed by matching the genetic fingerprint of the corpse's remains found in the scene of the explosion with his family members," the statement read.

Abdel-Rahman, according to the ministry, had been fleeing an arrest warrant in a 2018 terrorist case, known as the Hasm Vanguard.

The investigation also determined the route taken by the vehicle used in implementing the explosion before it began to travel against traffic on the Corniche Road untill it reached the location of the incident. 

The outcome of the investigations resulted in identifying the members of the Hasm cluster cell, and then securing an arrest warrant from the Supreme State Security Prosecution, according to the statement.

The cluster cell members include Hossam Adel Ahmed Mohamed (code name Moaz) - arrested; Abdel-Rahman Gomaa Mohamed -fugitive; and Ibrahim Khaled Mahmoud Abdel-Rahman (a brother of the perpetrator), who was in charge of communication with Hasm cadres abroad, the statement said.

Those Hasm Cadres abroad include fugitive Mulsim Brotherhood cadre Ahmed Mohamed Abdel-Rahman Abdel-Hady, and fugitive Mohamed Ali Ragab (code name Mohamed Ayesh), who is a military cadre in Hasm in a terrorist camp at a foreign country, the statement added.

The ministry said that after arresting the above-mentioned Ibrahim Khaled Mahmoud Abdel-Rahman, he informed on the whereabouts of the fugitive terrorist Islam Mohamed Ourani, a member of the Hasm movement in Helwan, who is accused of manufacturing explosives and blowing up electrical towers.

The statement added that while attempting to arrest Ourani, he opened fire on security forces and attempted to escape and also help Ibrahim escape, and the security forces returned fire killing the two.

Hossam Adel
Hossam Adel

Abdel-Rahman Gomaa

Abdel Hady


The ministry said that while tracking the remaining fugitive elements of the cell it identified two hideouts: one in an abandoned building on the desert road near Itsa, Fayoum and the other is an apartment in East Shorouk city, east of Cairo.

The ministry said the two hideouts were raided by security forces on dawn Thursday.

"Upon raiding the first hideout in Fayoum, the terrorist group attempted to carry out a bombing while shooting at the security forces. The security forces dealt with them, killing eight members of the terrorist cells," the statement said.

The forces found five automatic weapons, two cartridge rifles and five explosive devices as well as quantities of materials used in manufacturing explosives were found and seized in the hideout.

"While raiding the second hideout in East Shorouk, the armed group fired heavily at security forces, and an exchange of fire resulted in killing seven members of the armed terrorist cell," the statement read.

During the second raid, the statement added that security forces found four automatic weapons, one cartridge rifle, and a laboratory for manufacturing explosive devices containing quantities of materials used in the manufacturing of explosives.

The statement explained that the ministry concluded all necessary legal proceedings, adding that the Supreme State Security Prosecution is conducting its investigations.

Hideout 1

Hideout 2

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