Spokesman: Salafist Nour Party may form Egypt cabinet with Muslim Brotherhood

Ahram Online, Monday 13 Feb 2012

A Nour party official has spoken about the possibility of forming a coalition government with the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party

Al Nour party and Freedom and Justice party logos
Al Nour party and Freedom and Justice party logos (Photo:Internet)

Official Nour party spokesperson Nader Bakr revealed on Sunday that the Salafist party is now considering two ways forward; either to participate in a coalition government with the Freedom and Justice Party or to give the cabinet of Prime Minister Kamal El-Ganzouri some time to correct its policies.

Bakr, speaking at a public meeting organised by the National Council of Youth, said that the Nour party supports the SCAF’s exit from the political scene in an organised way to avoid any disasters, as the party considers prudence in decision-making to be an Islamic principle.

Regarding presidential candidates, Bakr stated that the Nour party will form a committee to review all the programmes of the current potential presidential candidates, in order to find the best candidate to support, regardless of whether he is or is not a member of Nour or a part of the Salafist movement.

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