Egypt's de-facto leader meets with MPs

Ahram Online, Tuesday 14 Feb 2012

Tantawi, head of ruling SCAF, meets with a group of parliamentarians to discuss country's current political matters

People's assembly (Photo:Reuters)

Egypt's military ruler Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi met on Tuesday with parliamentary speaker Saad El-Katatni and members of parliament to discuss several issues of concern.

At the meeting which was also attended by Military Chief of Staff Sami Anan, a number of political issues were discussed.

The Port Said football tragedy which left over 70 dead, as well as preparations required for the drafting of a new constitution and procedures for the first post-Mubarak presidential elections were issues of discussion. On the table was also the question restoring security to the country’s streets which has been an ongoing concern for much of the past year.

Among the members of the parliament who attended the meeting were Salafist Ashraf Thabet, deputy speaker of parliament and head of the fact-finding committee investigating the Port Said violence; Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) vice-president Essam El-Arian and the head of the Foreign Affairs Committee; and  FJP’s Abbas Mokhamir the head of the National Security Committee.

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