'Videos recently circulated on social media against the state are lies and fabrications,' Egypt's Sisi tells Youth Conference

Ahmed Morsy , Saturday 14 Sep 2019

President El-Sisi speaks during discussions on "Publishing lies against the state in light of Fourth Generation Wars"at the 8th National Youth Conference 14 September 2019

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi stressed on Saturday that videos which recently circulated on social media platforms making allegations against the competence of the administration of the state during his tenure as president are lies and fabrications.

"What was mentioned in recent videos are lies and fabrications... I say to to every mother and every man who have trust in me: Your son is honest, trustworthy, and loyal," President El-Sisi said.

The president's comments came during discussions in the session on "Effects of publishing lies against the state in light of Fourth Generation Wars," at the Eighth National Youth Conference.

El-Sisi added that the goal of those videos was to undermine the confidence between him and the people.

"The state agencies urged me not to address the topics mentioned in those videos, but I refused," the president said.

"How could the people trust me if I did not respond," the president said.

"I have built a bridge of trust between me and the Egyptians that can never be demolished," said El-Sisi.

The president unequivocally rejected allegations he used state money to build a family cemetary.

El-Sisi stressed that the recent videos also aim to destabilise the trust of the people in their national army.

"Do not allow anyone to scare you and belittle the great contribution that the Armed Forces is making to the country," El-Sisi directed his comments to Egyptians.

"Tell them this is 'the Army of Egypt', " the president urged.

The president added that "no one can directly attack Egypt because it has the strongest national army in the region."

"The Egyptian Army represents the centre of gravity not only in Egypt but also in the whole region."

El-Sisi added that everyone who works at the presidency in addition to himself eat their meals at their own expense, and that all gifts sent to the president are placed in the Museum of the President's Collections.

"Yes, I build presidential palaces and I will continue to build them, but not for myself… I'm working to build a new Egypt," El-Sisi said.

"They army has built and supervised road projects worth EGP 175 billion in a matter of few years," the president stated.

"This effort has never happened in Egyptian history," El-Sisi said. "The new projects cost a total of EGP4 trillion," he explained.

"How could come to question the integrity of people when we have thousands of contractors and firms working in these projects,” President El-Sisi exclaimed.  

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