El-Arabi denies meeting with Brotherhood and SCAF for presidential bid

Ahram Online, Sunday 19 Feb 2012

Arab League Secretary General Nabil El-Arabi denies rumours of discussions with Egypt's ruling military junta or Muslim Brotherhood to support him for president

Nabil El-Araby (Photo: Reuters)

Egypt's current secretary general of the Arab League and former foreign minister Nabil El-Arabi denies he has undergone discussions with "any authoritative or partisan figures" on the matter of his running for presidency.

In a statement released Saturday, El-Arabi addressed spurring rumours that leaders from the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, as well as the ruling military council have held meetings to convince him to run for president.

The rumours raised suspicions that the military council and the Muslim Brotherhood are conspiring to jointly support one candidate for the upcoming presidential elections.

In response to rumours that El-Arabi would be the most favoured candidate by Gulf leaders, El-Arabi's statement also denied any involvement by any non-Egyptian entity.

Furthermore, El-Arabi added that he "does not picture" holding presidential elections in the country before drafting a new constitution in order to "define the framework of the presidential system as well as the jurisdictions of the president."

On related news, the Freedom and Justice Party media consultant Ahmed Subei told Al-Ahram Arabic news portal Saturday that the Brotherhood and its FJP will hold deliberations to decide on the candidate they will officially back.

Subei said as part of his statement that El-Arabi's name is on the table as an option.

Nonetheless, El-Arabi has not yet announced his stance on running in the presidential elections, which will be held late May, as announced by the military council earlier in February. The floor opens for presidential candidacy applications on 10 March.

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