Egypt passes new regulations for ride-hailing apps

Sama Mamdouh El Shiekh , Salma Hamed, Thursday 19 Sep 2019


Egypt has passed a new law requiring ride-sharing apps Uber and Careem to adhere to new regulations including providing the government with customer data when asked.

Law number 2180/ 2019 requires ride-hailing companies to keep data on all rides for six months and provide it to the Ministry of Transport when asked.

According to the law, the companies' employees will be required to pay social security insurance in compliance with pension and social security laws.

The law also requires companies to conduct drug and alcohol tests on a random sample of drivers on a monthly basis.

The law also compels companies to use modern air-conditioned cars that are no more than five years old, as well as have visible logos on their vehicles during working hours.

The law also specifies the procedures required to obtain a work licence from the Ministry of Transport, including providing commercial records, a tax card, a VAT registration certificate, and an investment journal.

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