Egypt’s finance minister calls on state agencies to implement minimum wage increase

Sama Osama , Monday 7 Oct 2019

Egypt’s Finance Minister Mohamed Maait has called on the state's administrative apparatus and economic and service agencies included in the state’s general budget to quickly implement the recent minimum wage increase.

The Ministry of Finance said that it has received many complaints from employees at the state’s administrative agencies saying that they had not yet benefited from the prime minister’s decision to raise the minimum wage to EGP 2,000 per month, and up to EGP 7,000 for higher degrees, starting 1 July 2019. These complaints were also backed by a number of parliament members.

The finance minister told agencies included in the state’s general budget but are unable to implement the increase due to insufficient financial allocations to file requests with the ministry for an increase in funds in order to speed up the disbursement process.

The minister added that a public memo was sent in August to the different state agencies stating the disbursement rules and the method of calculating the increases for employees.

The ministry warned that those who fail to implement the increase will be held accountable in accordance with the law.

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