Egypt's Doctors Syndicate to hold elections on Friday

Mohamed Soliman , Thursday 10 Oct 2019

Doctors Syndicate
Doctors Syndicate

Thousands of Egyptian doctors have been invited to participate in the Doctors Syndicate's midterm elections, which will take place in Cairo and other governorates on Friday morning.

The elections, which will be held under the supervision of 56 counsellors from the Administrative Prosecution Authority, will see votes for a new syndicate head and board members.

The elections, which are held every two years, open up half of the syndicate's board seats (12 out of 24) as well as half of the seats in each governorate branch.

The election supervisory committee has announced that 16 candidates are vying for syndicate head while 49 candidates are competing for board seats.

Candidates have formed four electoral lists headed by one candidate for syndicate head as well as other candidates for general syndicate board seats.

The lists are: 'Independence List' headed by Hussein Khairy, the incumbent syndicate head, in addition to other six candidates for board seats; 'Future List' headed by Osama Abdul-Hay, the current undersecretary of the syndicate; 'Egypt Doctors List' headed by Ahmed Raouf, professor of paediatric neurology; and 'Convergence List' headed by Mohamed Nasr, professor of cardiac surgery at the National Heart Institute and the incumbent head of the Giza Doctors Syndicate.

The voting period for the electoral process will start from 9am to 5pm and may be extended if there are still voters at the polling stations at closing time. The vote count will start immediately after the end of the voting process and the result is expected to be announced officially within two days, according to the election supervisory committee.

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