Hussein Khairy re-elected as head of Egypt's Doctors Syndicate

Mohamed Soliman , Monday 14 Oct 2019

Khairy served his first term as head of the syndicate from October 2015 until October 2019

Hussein Khairy
Hussein Khairy, Head of the Doctors Syndicate

Dr Hussein Khairy has been re-elected as the head of the Egyptian Doctors Syndicates after receiving 5,788 votes, 1,992 votes ahead of his closest rival Osama Abdel-Hay.

The mid-term election was held on Friday, and the judicial committee supervising the election announced the results on Monday.

Khairy, 60, the former dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University, served his first term as head of the syndicate from October 2015 until October 2019.

Khairy ran in this election, as he had in the previous one, with the Independence List, which also won the majority of board seats in the mid-term elections.

Sixteen candidates vied for the position of syndicate head, while 49 candidates competed for board seats. 

During a press conference held at the syndicate's headquarters on Monday, the judicial committee announced that the Independence List had won five out of the six contested seats: Ehab Taher (6,193 votes), Ebrahim Zayat (5,672 votes), Rashwan Shaaban (3,797 votes), Ahmed El-Sayed (5,648 votes), Mamoud Arafa (4,610 votes).

Meanwhile, Abo Baker El-Kady of the Future List won the sixth seat with 7,096 votes.

The results mean that the Independence List holds 14 out of 24 seats on the syndicate board.

The judicial committee announced that out of 186,610 eligible voters, 17,468 (9.36 percent) cast ballots in the elections, with 1,328 void votes.

There were four electoral lists vying in the elections: the Future List, the Egypt Doctors List, the Convergence List, and the Independence List, which was headed by Khairy.

The election was held under the supervision of 59 counsellors from the Administrative Prosecution Authority in all 27 governorates.

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