Egypt's parliament elections held on uneven playing field: Socialist leader

Ahram Online, Friday 24 Feb 2012

The head of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party, politican analyst Shokr says that Islamic parties had enormous resources, which reflected in high wins in the parliamentary elections

Political analyst Abdel-Ghafar Shokr reflected, in a conference held by the Ahram Strategic Centre and the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation on Thursday, on the recent parliamentary elections in Egypt.

The longtime leftist and head of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party said parliamentary elections, which were held between November 2011 - January 2012, were designed and implemented in a way that did not give equal opportunities to the different political groups fielding candidates.

 Shokr explained that during the recent elections some political forces had access to tools and enormous amounts of money, while others did not.  Accordingly, he says, those parties with more resources saw better results.

The two major Islamic parties, the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, and the Salafist Nour Party, combined won more than 70 per cent of the seats in parliament.

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