CNN highlights Wellness Tourism in Egypt with video on 'Kemetic Yoga' in Luxor

Ahram Online , Wednesday 16 Oct 2019

A still photo of CNN's short video showing Kemetic Yoga instructor Sarah Wesley

US news channel CNN has broadcast a short video report during the Travel Trends' segment of the CNN Newsroom programme exploring a new kind of tourism in Egypt: Kemetic Yoga.

The three-minute video was filmed by CNN in Egypt's Luxor city in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism at Karnak Temple.

According to the video, the origin of Kemetic Yoga, which has become a source of Wellness Tourism, originally "started in this land called Kemet, the ancient name of Egypt."

The video sheds light on the growing interest in Wellness Tourism around the world, and how Egypt has begun to attract those interested in yoga.

The video features Sarah Wesley, one of the most famous yoga instructors in the world and co-founder of Kemetic Yoga, who came to Egypt in 2017 to study this type of yoga.

Wesley says in the video that "as you approach [Karnak] temple, you feel this really powerful energy... and it is very peaceful, tranquil and calming."

A still photo of CNN's short video showing Luxor's Karnak Temple

For Wesley, this temple provides the ideal backdrop for a practice that is deeply intertwined with Egyptian history, according to the video's narrator.

Wesley adds that Kemetic Yoga was developed through the study, translation and interpretation of hieroglyphic texts and images on the walls of ancient Egyptian temples, which depict movements similar to those of yoga.

Egypt's Minister of Tourism Rania Al-Mashat said in a statement issued by the ministry that the CNN video highlights what Egypt offers to the world, not only in terms of heritage and culture, but also for spirituality and modern activities like yoga, stressing that the history of ancient Egypt dazzles the world to this day.

"Travel trends have changed, and when a tourist plans their vacation, they look for places that can provide life-enriching experiences. Egypt offers the world a unique combination of spirituality, positive energy and picturesque nature," said Al-Mashat, stressing that Egypt enjoys an unparalleled diversity of attractions for tourists.

Earlier in May, the Ministry of Tourism held a ceremony to announce its partnership with CNN to launch an international tourism campaign to promote Egyptian tourism in a modern way.

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