Libyan MPs hold new round of national dialogue in Egypt

Gamal Essam El-Din , Saturday 19 Oct 2019

A delegation of Libyan MPs met in Egypt's parliament Saturday to discuss their country's problems and anti-terrorism efforts

An inaugural meeting of a new round of Libyan national dialogue was held in Egypt Saturday. The dialogue is headed by Fawzi Al-Niwiri, deputy speaker of the Libyan House of Representatives.

Ahead of the meeting, the delegation met with Egyptian parliament's deputy speaker El-Sayed Mahmoud El-Sherif, and head of the Arab Affairs Committee Ahmed Raslan.

El-Sherif said "we hope the national dialogue initiated by Libyan MPs in Egypt will help pave the way for solving Libya's domestic problems and uniting the country against terrorism and terrorists."

Raslan said Egypt hoped that Libya would finally be able to drive terrorists out of its land and be united under one political leadership.

Mohamed Al-Abany, a Libyan MP, said Libya was of a strategic importance to Egypt's national security. "So it was natural to come here to hold this new round of national dialogue in Egypt's parliament," said Al-Abany, revealing that "the meetings in Cairo aim to pave the way for a wide-scale national dialogue to be held in Libya later."

El-Sherif said Egypt rejected all forms of foreign intervention in Libyan internal affairs. "It is this foreign intervention that leads to complicating the Libyan crisis," said El-Sherif.

Many MPs have repeatedly accused Turkey and Qatar of sponsoring Libyan militias that have control of the Libyan capital Tripoli. Egypt also announced its support for the Libyan national army, led by Marshal Khalifa Haftar, in ridding Tripoli of Islamist militias.

Al-Niwiri said "Libya is in a crisis, and we are here to seek Egypt's support to regain stability, prevent all forms of foreign intervention, fight terrorism and terrorist movements, and help Libyan factions reach common ground."

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