Egypt's parliament slams 'unacceptable intervention' after criticism by EU MPs

Ahram Online , Friday 25 Oct 2019

'Egypt is a great and important country, and influential in its region' read an official statement issued by parliament in response to EU criticism of human rights issues

Ali Abdel-Al
File Photo: Head of Egyptian parliament Ali Abdel-Al (Photo: Al-Ahram)

Egypt's parliament condemned a European Parliament resolution on human rights in the country as an “unacceptable” intervention, and argued that such statements do not dim Egypt’s position as an influential and important country.

On Thursday, the EU parliament issued a resolution condemning the arrests of protesters and activists during the protests that took place in Egypt in September, and called for their immediate release, as well as citing other issues concerning the human rights situation in the country.

"The House of Representatives rejects the European Parliament's statement entirely as it is issued by a party that has no right to comment on Egypt's issues," said the Egyptian parliament, adding the European body’s resolution is "a continuation of an unacceptable pattern of similar resolutions that the Egyptian parliament and Egyptian people do not give any consideration to."

"Egypt is a great and important country, and influential in its region. Those incorrect statements do not affect it," read the statement.

The official statement was issued by the parliament, as headed by speaker Ali Abdel-Aal.

"The Egyptian parliament does not know from where the EU has given itself the right to evaluate others, when it should focus on the EU countries and the situation of the human rights there,” read the statement.

The House of Representatives is regretful at the destructive approach of the European Parliament and considers its resolution to contain "lies and fallacies" that render it "without value.”

"The parliament rejects any interference in Egypt's internal affairs, as well as any insult to the Egyptian judiciary," read the statement, adding that the House of Representatives regreted how the European Parliament has followed NGOs known for their "suspicious goals" and relations with "terrorist organisations."

The statement said that Egypt will continue in its efforts to improve and enforce human rights in the country and that it would present its report in the upcoming UN human rights periodic meeting in Geneva in the upcoming weeks.

"In the end, what Egypt does in terms of procedures to improve human rights in the country is not because of the opinion of this or that foreign party. Egypt does not need evaluation from the European Union; what the Egyptian state does comes from a national political will that human rights are an essential part of the complete development process,” the statement said.   


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