Interior ministry launches online passports, immigration and nationality services

Sama Osama , Monday 2 Dec 2019

Interior ministry
Egypt's Ministry of Interior (Photo: Ahram)

Egypt’s Ministry of Interior announced on Monday that it has launched a website for the Passports, Immigration and Nationality Administration in a statement published on the ministry’s website.

The Ministry of Interior created the website in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

The website is in Arabic and provides online services as well as instructions for a number of services by the Passports, Immigration and Nationality Administration.

The site has around 35 online services under four categories: nationality department applications, nationality department notifications, requests for legalising the status of Egyptian immigrants, and applications by immigrants who have an immigration file in the administration.

Users must register by creating an account to access the website’s services.

Some of the most notable services provided by the website are: Acquisition of the Egyptian nationality for the children of an Egyptian mother, the acquisition of citizenship for a foreign wife with an Egyptian nationality (mixed marriage), proof of Egyptian nationality, and authorisation for acquiring a foreign nationality with or without retaining Egyptian nationality.

The services also include restoring the Egyptian nationality to those who lost it after acquiring a foreign nationality without retaining Egyptian citizenship, issuing certificates proving the Egyptian citizenship of applicants who want to own land or real estate in Sinai, and restoring the Egyptian nationality for Egyptian women who married a foreigner.

Other interior ministry administrations already provide online services like the General Administration of Traffic, the General Administration of Work Permits, and the Civil Status Authority.

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