Alexandria removes barriers obstructing Mediterranean Sea view

Sama Osama , Tuesday 24 Dec 2019

A campaign to remove fences and barriers obstructing the sea view in Alexandria (Photo: Official Page of Alexandria Governorate)

Over the past few years, the sea view of Alexandria has been gradually disappearing out of sight because of hotels, casinos, cafés, private beaches, bridges and concrete structures.

Earlier this week, an Alexandrian campaign has begun removing view-blocking barriers and infringements along the Corniche. The Mediterranean governorate is also drafting guidelines for issuing and renewing licences for seaside premises.

In 2012, cafés sprung along the Mediterranean coast of Alexandria obscuring the sea view, according to Gamal Rashad, head of Alexandria’s Central Administration for Tourism and Resorts.

Images circulating on social media of fences and concrete blocks hiding the sea have outraged Alexandrians and other Egyptians as well.

Debate ensued about the people’s right to the sea view, without having to pay money, and to public spaces in general.

Campaign to remove barriers and infringements

Last week, the newly-appointed governor of Alexandria, Mohamed El-Sherif, issued a decision to form a committee to develop a set of conditions and standards for any new premises on Alexandria's Corniche, according to a statement by Alexandria governorate.

The move is an attempt to allow citizens to enjoy the sea view and to restore the “beauty of the Corniche". The governor was quoted as saying "people have the right to see the sea.”

The statement added that he instructed district heads and the Central Administration for Tourism and Resorts to remove all barriers that hide the sea set by beach tenants.

Last Saturday, the Central Administration for Tourism and Resorts in Alexandria launched a campaign on the Corniche road starting from Montazah Palace in East Alexandria during which it removed many fences and barriers obstructing the sea view.

The campaign instructed tenants to convert the structures of beach outlets to glass.

The campaign also trimmed the trees along the Corniche and removed linoleum curtains hung by some cafés.

(Photo: Official Page of Alexandria Governorate)

(Photo: Official Page of Alexandria Governorate)

(Photo: Official Page of Alexandria Governorate)

Conditional licensing

In a telephone interview, Rashad told Kol Youm programme on ON E channel on Sunday that contracts of seaside cafés will not be renewed unless they meet all the conditions to ensure they don't block the sea view.

He explained that there are no more than 11 licensed cafés on the Alexandria Corniche.

Rashad said the campaign will continue to remove barriers obstructing the sea view along the Corniche.

Redistributing Mansheya concrete blocks

Alexandria governorate said in a statement earlier this month that Governor El-Sherif instructed city officials to lift and redistribute concrete blocks blocking the sea view from the Corniche in front of the Courts Complex in Mansheya.

The governorate explained the blocks will be used in a project to preserve the historic Corniche fence built in 1882 against sea erosion.

The project will restore 850 metres of the Corniche in front of Mansheya Courts Complex.

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