Leading Brotherhood MP wants to dissolve El-Ganzouri govt

Ahram Online, Saturday 3 Mar 2012

Calls by Muslim Brotherhood's MPs to fire the current interim government has resurfaced as a leading MP hits out at premier Kamal El-Ganzouri accusing him of appointing Mubarak-era bureaucrats in government

Farid Ismail
Farid Ismail, the Secretary General of the Defence and National Security at the People's Assembly (Photo: Al-Ahram)

The Freedom and Justice Party's Farid Ismail, the Secretary General of the Defence and National Security committee at the People's Assembly, says Kamal El-Ganzouri's government has been appointing many of the former regime remnants in governmental institutions.

He gave examples of the Mubarak regime flyovers who are still holding positions in Ali Meselhi, a former NDP political committee member, and ex-transportation minister Alaa Fahmy. Both have been installed as consultants at the Egypt Postal Authority.

Ismail also voiced disgruntlement with El-Ganzouri's speech on political and economic conditions in the country to parliament, which he gave before the People's Assembly last week.

"The committees of the People's Assembly reject El-Ganzouri's statement, and thus will begin with the procedures of a vote-of-no-confidence in the parliamentary session on 11 March," he told Ahram Online.

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) had earlier suggested forming a national salvation government to replace the incumbent interim authority.

The suggestion was, however, turned down by the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), which stressed the current government would remain in power till a new president is declared on 21 June.

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