Veteran labour leader, Socialist MP Hariri announces presidential bid

Ahram Online, Wednesday 7 Mar 2012

Abul-Ezz El-Hariri reverses decision not to stand in presidential election scheduled for 23/24 May

Aboul Ezz El-Hariri (Photo: Reuters)

The 64-year-old Socialist Popular Alliance MP Abul-Ezz El-Hariri has declared his intention to run for the Egyptian presidency.

Earlier this week he said he would not stand but announced a reversal of his position during an interview on the Al-Arabiya satellite channel on Tuesday.

El-Hariri represents West Alexandria and is head of the Revolution Continues Alliance (RCA) of liberal, moderate Islamist and socialist parties. The alliance won a limited number of  parliamentary seats but its supporters see it as the "revolution's voice" in parliament.

The Presidential Election Commission announced late February that elections would take place on 23/24 May, with results announced on 21 June.

The floor opens for official candidacy submissions on 10 March. 

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