Complaints against Al-Aswany, Ghoneim and others referred to military prosecution

MENA, Wednesday 7 Mar 2012

Well-known figures in revolutionary movement – including presidential candidates, MPs, TV presenters – accused of 'inciting hate' against SCAF, plotting to bring down state

Alaa Al-Aswany
Famous writer Alaa Al-Aswany (Photo: Al-Ahram archive)

Complaints against twelve prominent revolutionary figures, including presidential candidates, activists, journalists, MPs and writers, have been referred to the military prosecution. Among the allegations are inciting hate against the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and attempting to bring down the state.

A total of 712 complaints were filed against presidential hopeful Bothaina Kamel, TV presenter Yosri Fouda, MP Ziad El-Eleimy, MP Abul-Ezz El-Hariri, activist and blogger Nawara Negm, prominent Revolutionary Socialist Sameh Naguib, founder of the We Are All Khaled Saeed Facebook page Wael Ghoneim, National Council Secretary-General Mamdouh Hamza, Kefaya founder George Ishak, writer Alaa Al-Aswany and TV presenter Reem Maged.
April 6 Youth Movement activist Asmaa Mahfouz, who was recently sentenced in absentia to one year in prison and fined LE2000 for assaulting a man who she claims never to have met, was also among the accused.

The complaints were referred to the military prosecution as the allegations involved the SCAF, according to a military source. 

This article was amended on 7 March 2012. The accused were not referred to a military court - the complaints against them were referred to the military prosecution. 

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