GCC: Egypt Muslim Brotherhood's statement against Emirates "rowdy and unwise"

Ahram Online, Saturday 10 Mar 2012

The Gulf Cooperation Council slams statements by the Muslim Brotherhood against the Emirates, announcing they will arrest prominent Egyptian Brotherhood figure and Islamic scholar

Spokesperson of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Mahmoud Ghozlan (Photo: AP)

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) condemned a Muslim Brotherhood statement issued by the group's spokesperson about authorities in the Emirates issuing an international arrest warrant against Sheikh Youssef Al-Qaradawy, a prominent Brotherhood figure.

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesperson Mahmoud Ghozlan said in a statement Friday that the Emirates "would not dare" arrest Al-Qaradawy, further adding that the announcement by Dubai's police chief was a "disgrace".

Ghozlan also said that if the Emirates arrests Al-Qaradawy, "not only the Muslim Brotherhood will act, but the entire Muslim world will act against the Emirates," adding that criticism Al-Qaradawy directed against Emirates authorities is "all true".

Earlier in March, Dubai's police chief, Dahi Khalfan, announced on his official Twitter account that he intended to issue an international arrest warrant against Al-Qaradawy, head of the International Institute for Muslim Scientists, after statements made by the latter against Emirates leaders after their deportation of about 100 anti-Assad Syrian families from the Emirates.

Khalfan issued a set of scathing statements on his Twitter account against Al-Qaradawy after the latter's vocal stance.

Secretary-General of the GCC Ibrahim Bin Rashed Al-Zayani said Saturday that statements made by Ghozlan against the Emirates were irresponsible and not conducive to reinforcing long-standing relations between GCC countries and Egypt.

"Such rowdy statements coming from a high-profile political official are both reprehensible and irresponsible and do not tell of [the Muslim Brotherhood's] good intentions towards the governments and people of the region."

Al-Qaradawy was exiled during the time of Hosni Mubarak's regime and was only able to visit Egypt after the 25 January uprising toppled the autocrat. He has been residing in Qatar, holding Qatari nationality.

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