'Virginity tests' doctor acquitted

Ahram Online, Sunday 11 Mar 2012

Cairo military court acquits doctor accused of carrying out 'virginity tests' on detainees after raid on Tahrir Square 9 March 2011

Samira Ibrahim
Egyptian activist Samira Ibrahim (Photo: AP)

A military court on Sunday acquitted Dr Ahmed Adel El-Mogy of carrying out "virginity tests" on seven women.

The incident took place after military personnel dispersed a sit-in in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on 9 March 2011. A number of female detainees were tortured and subjected to “virginity tests.”

One of the victims, Samira Ibrahim, brought charges against El-Mogy.

On 27 December, the State Council Administrative Court issued a landmark ruling in Ibrahim’s favour, outlawing the use of "virginity tests."

On the same day as the ruling, the head of Egypt’s military judiciary, Adel El-Morsy, stated that the administrative court’s order to suspend the practice of subjecting female detainees to "virginity tests" was not applicable, simply because such a practice was never part of the military’s prison code.

On 7 February, two prison wardens summoned to deliver testimony denied that the incident took place. The two claimed that the women in question had only been asked by army personnel if they were married and whether or not they were pregnant.


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