Egypt MPs to donate EGP 20 million in bonuses to help fight the coronavirus

Gamal Essam El-Din , Tuesday 7 Apr 2020

The donation is considered a financial contribution to the state's ongoing efforts in containing the spread of the coronavirus in Egypt.

Egypt's Parliament (Photo: Reuters)

Egyptian MPs will donate EGP 20 million ($1.26 million) to the Tahya Masr (“Long Live Egypt”) state fund to help the government fight the coronavirus.

In a public statement on Tuesday, the parliament said that, upon invitation from speaker Ali Abdel-Aal, each MP has decided to donate EGP 15,000 to the fund.

"The EGP 15,000 contribution represents a three-month bonus (April, May, and June) and aims to fight the coronavirus and protect the health of Egyptian citizens," said the statement, adding that the contribution reflects the Egyptian parliament's national role in curbing the infection.

The statement said the parliament expresses deep gratitude for efforts being exerted by the state and the armed forces to keep the country safe and ensure that the economy is moving forward.

"The house also praises the government's continued efforts in tackling the current crisis, as well as the local administration councils and police forces who are playing a very great role in stemming the tide of the infection and ensuring that citizens have easy and uninterrupted access to basic services and goods.”

The number of confirmed cases in Egypt has reached 1,322, with a death toll of 85.

The speaker sent a message to MPs on Sunday asking them to contribute a three-month membership bonus to the fund as a signal of solidarity with the state in its current war against the coronavirus.

Secretary-General Fawzi said MPs have shown an unprecedented response to the speaker's request.

The Tahya Masr fund was founded by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi in 2014.

Parliament is scheduled to hold its plenary meetings on Sunday, but this may prove difficult if the government decides on Wednesday to extend the curfew for another two weeks. 

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