Relations between Egypt and Syria remain strong: Syrian official

Ahram Online, Thursday 15 Mar 2012

Syria and Egypt remain on good terms, says Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesperson

Houses damaged by the government army, according to the opposition, are seen in the Inshaat district of Homs March 7, 2012 (Photo: Reuters)

On the first anniversary of the Syrian uprising, the official spokesperson of the Syrian Foreign Ministry has stressed that relations between Egypt and Syria remain stable.

Jihad Mukadsy said that Egypt and Syria were previously one nation between 1958 and 1961 and will always remain united. "The two nations used to be united and fought wars together," Mukadsy said. "The Syrian people by nature love everything Egyptian and relations between the two nations are stronger than any crisis."

Mukadsy added that Egypt and Syria have many things in common, including language, religion and culture. "If there were disagreements, like the ones that emerged during the last regime, these disagreements are about policies and not anything else," Mukadsy said.

Mukadsy further stated that Syrians are hoping that Egypt emerges from its current instability because it is an important strategic ally for Syria. "A weak Syria and a weak Egypt will allow interference in Arab affairs."

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