Egypt works on solving crisis of driver stranded on Kuwaiti-Saudi borders

MENA , Monday 18 May 2020

Egypt's embassy in Kuwait has contacted Kuwaiti authorities to solve a crisis of an Egyptian driver, who has been stranded on the Kuwaiti-Saudi borders for 63 days.

A source from the embassy told MENA on Monday that the diplomatic mission follows up the latest developments concerning the problem of the Egyptian driver, who is one of a 13-driver group stranded on Kuwaiti-Saudi borders after the adoption of the precautionary measures to curb the coronavirus outbreak in March.

Egypt contacted the Kuwaiti authorities and the Egyptian consulate in Riyadh, leading to facilitate the return of 12 drivers through Jordan, but this driver, called Adel Al Muslimi, did not go to Jordan due to personal reasons, the source added.

Al Muslimi extended thanks to the Egyptian embassy in Kuwait over efforts to solve his crisis and thanked the Kuwaiti authorities for warm hospitality. 

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