Parliamentary committee to investigate controversial Giza flyover Tuesday

Sama Osama , Monday 18 May 2020

Zomor Canal Axis
The under construction Zomor Canal Axis in Giza (Photo: AFP)

The Housing Committee of the House of Representatives said it will inspect on Tuesday the Al-Zomor Canal axis flyover currently under construction in Al-Haram district, Giza. 

The flyover has drawn heated criticism for being in close proximity to residential buildings.

The Housing Committee, accompanied by MPs representing Al-Haram and Umraniya districts, will inspect the flyover to see how close it is to the residential buildings, and to listen to residents’ complaints.

Images circulating on social media last week depicting a concrete structure – a part of the axis – colliding with the residential buildings of Nasr Al-Din Street in Al-Haram, have stirred controversy online and in Egyptian media.

Residents of those building have voiced their grievances to the media, complaining that the structure is too close to their apartments, and even touches the balconies and windows in some storeys.

Zomor Canal Axis
The under construction Zomor Canal Axis in Giza (Photo: AFP)

Head of the committee MP Emad Saad Hammouda said the aim of the visit is to understand the situation on the ground and to make sure that none of the residents will be harmed.

Hammouda added that the committee will write a detailed report and draft recommendations, stressing that the committee will continue to follow up on future developments.

Al-Zomor Canal axis, which ranges between 7.5 and eight kilometres long, connects south and north Giza, and is a Ministry of Housing project.

Minister of Transport Kamel Al-Wazir said on Wednesday that the axis is very important for the urban development of the area, stressing that it was well-planned.

The minister said in a phone call with Sada El-Balad satellite channel that there is no way to change the design of the project.

He asserted that the buildings touching the flyover are violating the buffer division line, arguing that the violating buildings should in fact be demolished.

On Monday, the head of the Central Development Authority Mahmoud Nassar told MBC Masr channel that all those harmed by the axis will be compensated.

However, he said residents in violating buildings will not be compensated as they took over parts of the street and narrowed it down.

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