Trial of police officer accused of killing protesters adjourned for third time

Ahram Online, Monday 19 Mar 2012

Suez Criminal Court postpones the trial of 'Hogan' accused of shooting protesters from an ambulance during the uprising that led to the fall of Mubarak

Suez Criminal Court postponed the trial of police officer Mohamed Rabie, known as “Hogan” by locals, who is accused of killing protesters in Suez from an ambulance during the January 25th Revolution. The trial is adjourned until June in order for there to be the opportunity for the testimony of security leaders to be heard.

This the second court case against security police accused of killing protesters in Suez. In the first case, 14 police personnel are on trial for the murder of 17 protesters in Suez during the uprising that brought down Hosni Mubarak in early 2011.

On Thursday, relatives of protesters killed during Egypt's revolution stormed a courtroom in Suez during the trial of the 14 police officers.

During the trial of "Hogan" a large number of security forces surrounded the court in the early hours of Monday morning to secure the premises against any attempts by the families of the fallen protesters to enter.

The families of slain protesters have repeatedly complained that police officers responsible for the killing of protesterstheir deaths have not been arrested despite video footage and other incriminating evidence.

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