Egyptian prosecution detains two women over TikTok-related debauchery, indecency

Ahram Online , Friday 12 Jun 2020

Sherry Hanem and daughter
A screenshot showing Tiktok influencer Sherry Hanem and her daughter from one of their videos (Photo:Al-Ahram)

Egypt’s general-prosecution on Thursday ordered the detention of a TikTok figure, Sherifa, who is commonly known on social media as “Sherry Hanem,” as well as her daughter Nora, who is commonly known as “Zomoroda,” on charges including indecency, debauchery, violating familial values and principles and soliciting for prostitution through social media accounts.

According to the prosecution’s statement, one of the two defendants is also accused of prostitution.

The prosecution stated that users of social media reported the pair’s videos to the authorities for sexual profanity and innuendo.

The defendants were arrested and one of them admitted that they had used social media and published videos with profanities and sexual innuendo to increase viewership, while the other admitted she used to work in prostitution through social media, the statement added.

Hanem is the third famous figure from TikTok to be arrested in the past two months over charges related to moral crimes.

She has two accounts on the popular social network, with over 400 videos and a combined 164,000 followers.

She gained fame in videos in which she appears without makeup and with messy hair, speaking and laughing in an eccentric way and making fun of her weight, in close-up mobile phone shots. From time-to-time, her daughter also appeared.

Hanem and her daughter also have a YouTube channel with 56,500 subscribers. The YouTube channel began in May 2019 and has over 416 videos, some of which are imported from TikTok, including some with +18 explicit content.

Also on Thursday, the prosecutor-general referred detained TikTok figures Haneen Hossam and Mawada Eladhm, who are well-known for their videos on the platform, to criminal trial for violating family values and principles in Egyptian society and establishing and running online accounts to commit this crime.

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