Administrative Court allows niqab wearing students to sit exams

Al-Ahram Online, Wednesday 12 Jan 2011

The decision of Cairo and Ain Shams Universities to insist students must reveal their faces to enter exams ruled as contravening their civil rights

(Photo: Reuters)

The Administrative Court, headed by Deputy Head of the State Council Mohammed Abdel-Badie Asran, has ruled against Cairo and Ain Shams Universities' decision to prevent niqab wearing students who refuse to show their face from taking their exams.

The decision came after the defendants’ lawyer, Nezar Ghorab, filed a case against both universities for discrimination.

The court, however, conceded that any niqab waering student caught cheating, must reveal their face to a female university official.  

In its ruling, the
court emphasized the international convention of civil rights, especially articles 17 and 18 which cover personal freedoms.

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