Egyptian army continues Hasm 2020 military drills

Ahmed Eleiba , Saturday 11 Jul 2020

Egyptian army
Egypt's armed forces conducts Hasm 2020 military drills (Photo Courtesy of Egyptian armed forces spokesman)

The Egyptian military continued on Saturday its Hasm 2020 drills, which involve exercises performed by naval, air and special forces in the western military region, the Armed Forces said in a statement.

Saturday’s drills were attended by Army Chief of Staff Lt. General Mohamed Farid. The beginning stage of the drills saw training to target enemy command posts with several intensive airstrikes in parallel with paratrooper drops to secure beachheads.

Naval units conducted several amphibious operations against non-typical surface targets, including the firing of shots by naval artillery of various calibres and the use of depth charges against enemy submarines.

Special naval forces trained to attack coastal targets by using speedboats dispatched from a Mistral helicopter carrier. Frigates launched several surface missiles in parallel with special forces units landing on the coast under aerial protection.

The drills, which started on Tuesday, come amid the ongoing and rapid developments in the region, the military statement said.

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