Final list of Constituent Assembly members

Gamal Essam El-Din , Monday 26 Mar 2012

The following is the list of members of the Constituent Assembly tasked with drafting a new constitution for Egypt

Members of Egyptian Parliament. (Photo: AP)

Parliament announced in early morning Sunday the final list of names for the 100-member Constituent Assembly tasked with drafting Egypt's new constitution. The vote count continued for more than 13 hours with 589 votes counted and 54 found invalid.

50 Parliamentarians

The final list includes 50 parliamentarians from the People’s Assembly and the Shura Council. These are:

Parliamentary Speaker Saad El-Katatni (Freedom and Justice Party — FJP)

Chairman of Shura Council Ahmed Fahmi (FJP)

Hussein Ibrahim (parliamentary spokesman of FJP)

Ali Fath El-Bab (parliamentary spokesman of FJP in Shura Council)

Susan Saad Zaghloul (FJP female member in Shura Council)

El-Sayed Hozayen (FJP member in Shura Council)

Taher Soliman (FJP member in Shura Council)

Mohamed Talaat Khashaba (FJP member in Shura Council)

Ezz Eddin Abdel-Wahab Allam Hassan (FJP member in Shura Council)

Mohamed Tousoun (FJP member in Shura Council)

Ahmed Diab (FJP deputy in the People’s Assembly — PA)

Ahmed Abdel-Hadi (FJP deputy in PA)

Osama Yassin (FJP chairman of PA’s Youth Committee)

Abbas Mokhaimar (independent MP and chairman of PA’s Defence Committee)

Youssri Hani (FJP MP in PA)

Soliman Salem (FJP MP in PA)

Sobhi Saleh (FJP deputy chairman of PA’s Constitutional Affairs Committee)

Tarek El-Dessouki (FJP chairman of PA’s Economic Affairs Committee)

Essam El-Erian (FJP chairman of PA’s Foreign Affairs Committee)

Farid Ismail (FJP MP in PA)

Maher Ahmed (FJP Shura Council)

Mohamed El-Beltagi (FJP MP in PA)

Hoda Ghania (FJP female member in PA)

Khaled Al-Azhari (FJP MP in PA)

Ashraf Thabet (deputy parliamentary speaker, Nour Party)

Younis Makhyoun (Nour Party MP in PA)

Talaat Marzouk (chairman of PA’s Complaints and Proposals Committee, Nour Party)

Adel Youssef Azazzi (Nour Party MP in PA)

Shabaan Abdel-Alim (Nour Party MP in PA)

Salah Abdel-Maboud (Nour Party MP in PA)

Walid Abdel-Awal Mahmoud (Nour Party MP in PA)

Mohamed Mansour (Nour Party MP in PA)

Tarek El-Sihari (deputy chairman of Shura Council, Nour Party)

Abdel-Rahman Shoukri (FJP MP in PA)

Abdel-Salam Ragheb (Nour Party member in Shura Council)

Hassan Omar (Nour Party member in Shura Council)

Amr Hamzawy (liberal-oriented Independent)

Amr El-Shobaki (liberal-oriented independent)

Ahmed Said (chairman of the liberal-oriented Free Egyptians Party)

Ziad Bahaa El-Din (MP from the Egyptian Social Democratic Party)

Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat (chairman of PA’s Human Rights committee and chairman of the liberal Reform and Development Party)

Mahmoud El-Sakka (Wafd Party MP in PA)

Essam Sultan (deputy chairman of the moderate Islamist Wasat Party)

Margaret Azzar (Wafd Party and christian female MP)

Mahmoud El-Khdoeiri (independent MP and chairman of the PA’s Legislative Affairs Committee)

Wahid Abdel-Meguid (independent MP)

Saad Abboud (leftist MP from the Nasserist Karama Party)

Mohamed Dawoud (Wafd Party MP and deputy parliamentary speaker)

Ihab El-Kharat (Christian chairman of Shura Council’s Human Rights Committee and member of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party)

Hani Nour El-Din (MP from the Islamist Reform and Development Party)

50 non-parliamentarians

The final list of non-parliamentarians are:

Sheikh Nasr Farid Wassel

Dr Mohamed Amara

Dr Rafik Habib

Hussein Hamed

Mona Makram Ebeid

Ashraf Abdel Ghafour

Mamdouh Shahin

Dr Ataf El-Bana

Dr Mohamed Abu El Ghar

Mohamed Fathy Tahatawy

Farouk Gouida

Sameh Ashour

Osama Ibrahim

Moatez Abdel Fatah

Nadr Bakar

Siyad El-Badawy

Emad Hussein

Dr Mohamed El-Sherif

Ali Saleh

Judge Adel Abdel Hamid

Businessman Ibrahim El Arabi

Engineer Yahia Ragab

Ayman Ali

Dr Ahmed El Sayid El-Naggar

Ahmed Mohamed Khalifa

Gamal Nawara

Dr Abdel Hady Qasaby

Mamdouh Wali

Dr Bassem Matewally

Ahmed Mohamed Khalifa

Engineer Mohamed Maged

Abdullah Kandeel

Judge Nabil Marhim

Dr Maged Shabita

Mohamed Saad Gowish

Abdel Fatah Khatab

Ahmed Ayman Fouad

Abdel Aziz Abdel Shafie

Moobad El-Gerhai

Fatimah Abu Ziad

Abdel Ghafar Shukr

Sherif Abdel Azim

Mostafa Kamel El-Siyad

Dr Mohamed Abdel Gowad

Magdy Shenouda

Ahmed Harara

Mohamed Yousry Ibrahim

Abdel Rahman El-Bar

Hassan Lashin

Nadia Mostafa

The Constituent Assembly is expected to hold its first meeting Wednesday, 28 March.

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