Head of Cairo Appeals Court to keep his post, votes general assembly

Ahram Online, Tuesday 27 Mar 2012

Judge Abd El-Moez Ibrahim given a vote of confidence after being under fire recently following the lifting of travel bans for some of the foreigners charged in the NGO funding case

The general assembly for the Cairo Court of Appeals has decided to return confidence to Judge Abd El-Moez Ibrahim after an emergency meeting.

During the meeting, 154 judges agreed to allow Ibrahim to continue his duties as the head of the Court of Appeals, while 101 judges rejected his reappointment.

Ahmed El-Zend, the head of the Judges Club, announced the outcome of the voting, stressing that it is now agreed that Ibrahim will take up the post again.

The decision came as a disappointment to judges calling for the independence of the Egyptian judiciary, who said that the result is a slap in the face for the will of the people.

Ibrahim has come under fire recently after the travel ban imposed on US citizens charged with offences related to working for non-governmental organisations in Egypt was mysteriously lifted, a decision that incurred the wrath of many Egyptians.

He was heavily criticised by many judges, who felt their reputation was put on the line after many political figures and activists accused Egypt’s ruling military of violating judicial independence.

After much debate, the general assembly decided to hold a secret ballot to decide if Ibrahim would stay or go. The voting process began at 3pm on Tuesday when four ballot boxes were taken into the headquarters of the general assembly in the Cairo Appeals Court.

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