Hundreds of protesters tore down concrete wall near Tahrir

Ahram Online, Saturday 31 Mar 2012

Downtown military wall that blocks major street after bloody clashes partly brought down by protesters; no clashes with police

Qasr El-Eini

On Friday afternoon hundreds of protesters tore down the concrete wall constructed by military police on Qasr El-Eini street downtown.

The protesters, who referred to themselves as revolutionaries, told Ahram Online they do not belong to any political group. Protesters managed to bring down the concrete blocks, chanting against military rule, and facing a battalion of Central Security on the other side of the wall. Clashes with security, however, did not ensue.

Earlier in March, an event calling on Egypt's revolutionaries to gather and bring down the walls had begun to circulate on Facebook. The Qasr El-Eini street wall is one of seven walls blocking central Cairo in the area around the Ministry of Interior. They were built by the military between November, 2011 and February, 2012, after a series of deadly crackdowns by Egypt’s security forces on the protesters.

The barricades have had a significant impact on the area, causing traffic blockage along one of Cairo's busies streets, discomfort to residents as well as financial losses to shop owners.

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