ElBaradei describes Egypt situation as 'heart breaking'

Ahram Online, Saturday 31 Mar 2012

ElBaradei raises alarm about where the country is headed saying military and religious hegemony is not what Egypt's revolution aimed for

On his official twitter account, former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohamed ElBaradei stated on Saturday "Egyptians sacrificed their lives for freedom and dignity not for military or religious authoritarianism nor for tyranny of any one majority. It is heartbreaking…"

ElBaradei's comments came amidst rising conflict between the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated Parliament, and liberal forces over the formation of the constituent assembly set to draft Egypt's new constitution.

In the last seven days, more than 24 of the elected assembly members have declared they will be resigning from the assembly to protest what they have called Islamist domination of the body.

Several demonstrations have also taken place last week, and protesters claimed that the constituent assembly members will only be approving a constitution already drafted in an agreement between the Muslim Brotherhood and the ruling military council.

Meanwhile, the ruling military junta and the parliament have locked heads over other matters, such as presidential elections and the fate of the SCAF-appointed El-Ganzouri government.

Earlier in March, ElBaradei had commented on the process by which the assembly is being chosen saying "aconstitution isn't fast food. It's the cornerstone of democracy: a well thought out vision guaranteeing rights [and] freedoms of all Egyptians."

ElBaradei has withdrawn from the presidential race last winter objecting to the process of electing a president before drafting a constitution which would outline what authorities the elected candidate would have. 

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