Egypt is fixing decades-old problems and confronting the challenges of population growth: Sisi

Ahram Online , Wednesday 16 Sep 2020

Ongoing attempts to sow doubts about the state’s efforts and intentions can reach a state of 'treason and conspiracy to destroy the state,' the president said

President El-Sisi

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi said some states and groups aim at destroying the Egyptian nation and fuel strife and conflict among people through funding distorting platforms.

"We are fixing problems that have been neglected for years," the president said in comments during the inauguration of the Egyptian-Japanese University in Alexandria on Wednesday.

"Our goal in reform measures is the national well being not adding pressures on the people," El-Sisi stressed.
The state has established universities and schools during the past six years many times more than those established over the past four decades, the president said.
El-Sisi warned that national achievements underway are resisted by campaigns launched by “evil powers” who falsely claim the state’s efforts aim at harming people.
The president addressed the issue of rapid population growth in the country, saying the population, which stands at 103 million, is expected to reach 194 million by 2050.

To deal with rapid population growth, he said, the state needs to double its infrastructure projects during the coming 30 years, he said.

El-Sisi stressed the need to expand roads, housing units, water desalination plants, and power plants over the coming years to cope with the population increase.

“What we have achieved so far was believed to be unachievable, and we did it thanks to God,” the president said.

El-Sisi warned that some of the ongoing attempts to sow doubts about the state’s efforts and intentions can reach a state of “treason and conspiracy to destroy the state."

“The government has laboured hard along myself in order for "Egypt not to burn, in order to counter those who lack a conscience and and only seek to sow doubts.”

He added that hostile political currents claim they aim to change, but, he swore that “their hidden face is destruction.”

“I have always bet on the Egyptian people and their awareness."

"Did I ever fail you?” the president asked. “I sacrificed myself along with the army in the face of many problems such as that of energy and fuel,” he added.

“Why do they want to destroy the state? Take your evil and leave us alone. We are a nation of 100 million people who want the country to progress," the president said.

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