Egyptian Hepatitis C initiative in Africa tests thousands of Chadians

Ahram Online , Sunday 20 Sep 2020

715 Chadian citizens tested positive for HCV, representing around 4.63 percent of those examined in the central African country

(Photo courtesy of Egypt's minister of health official Facebook page)

As many as 15,441 Chadian citizens have been tested for Hepatitis C as part of a presidential initiative to treat thousands of African people from the blood borne virus, which is a major cause of liver cancer and severe illness, according to Egypt’s health ministry.

The initiative to “treat 1 million African people from HCV” was launched by Egypt following a local campaign that had targeted detecting and treating people with chronic diseases in the country, including HCV, diabetes and obesity.

In a statement following a meeting on Saturday attended by top officials from both countries, the ministry spokesman said that 715 Chadian citizens tested positive for HCV. This means that they represent around 4.63 percent of those examined in the central African country.

HCV patients in Chad have received necessary treatment after they were assessed at a hospital in the capital N'Djamena, the spokesman said, adding that a national committee to combat hepatitis viruses will be formed in Chad in cooperation with experts from both countries.

During the meeting, the Egyptian and Chadian officials discussed the work plan for the initiative, as it is set to include examining citizens in other cities outside Chad’s capital, the spokesman noted.

Also, a shipment of medical and preventative supplies has been sent to Chad, including medicine to treat Hepatitis C, PCR equipment to detect Hepatitis B and C, and PCR equipment and preventive supplies for coronavirus.

During the meeting, Chadian Minister of Health Abdoulaye Sabre Fadoul thanked his Egyptian counterpart Hala Zayed for her continuous support for general health projects in Chad as well as the fruitful cooperation in many issues of mutual concern in the field of health.

He also hailed the Egyptian team’s effort to implement the Hepatitis C initiative in Chad.

In July this year, the Egyptian health ministry announced that the country was officially free of Hepatitis C.

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