Trial of Egyptian spy begins tomorrow

Ahram Online, Friday 14 Jan 2011

The emergency State Security Supreme Court holds its first session tomorrow with the trial of Tariq Abdel Razeq Hassan, the Egyptian accused of allegedly spying on Egypt for Israel

The trial of the Egyptian man arrested for his alleged role in an Israeli spy ring begins tomorrow in the emergency State Security Supreme Court.

Tariq Abdel Razeq Hassan, the owner of an import and export company, is accused of spying on Egypt for the Mossad. Hassan will be tried alongside his two Israeli accomplices Idid Moushay and Joseph Daymour, who are charged with conspiring with Hassan.

The three suspects are accused of spying for a foreign country, with the intention of harming the national interests of Egypt between May 2008 and August 2010. While overseas, Hassan had purportedly made an agreement with the two Israelis to work with the Mossad and to provide them with information on Egyptians working in the communications industry. This information was then to be used to recruit individuals to work for Israeli secret services.

Hassan is also charged with harming diplomatic relations between Egypt, Syria and Lebanon by providing his Israeli accomplices with information on several Syrian and Lebanese citizens.

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