Tens of students injured as thugs storm Zagazig University

Ahram Online , Tuesday 3 Apr 2012

Armed thugs pen down students at Zagazig University in a second day of clashes that broke out between Islamists and independent students after the latter dominated student union elections

Tens of armed men stormed Zagazig University's campus in the Sharqiya governorate, locking in approximately 50 students in a campus mosque and injuring a number of them in the process.

Clashes broke out on Tuesday after a number of Muslim Brotherhood-aligned students fought with a number of their 'independent' colleagues over student union elections. The independent students accused the Islamist students of trying to dominate the Student Union's sub-committees.

On Monday, students clashed with each – using rocks, sticks and belts – after the election results were announced, in which the Islamist students won a decisive victory, thereby dominating the majority of the councils.

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