Ahly Ultras hit the streets all over Egypt, still seeking justice for Port Said martyrs

Sarah Mourad , Wednesday 4 Apr 2012

Thousands of football fans and Egyptian activists marched throughout Egypt Wednesday, demanding vital reform of the Ministry of Interior and justice for the victims of the 1 February Port Said disaster

Ultras Ahlawy
Glory to the martyrs "Photo: Mai Shaheen" Glory to the martyrs "Photo: Mai Shaheen"

Thousands of Ultras, hardcore football supporters, and political activists marched Wednesday across 16 of Egypt's governorates demanding justice for the victims of the Port Said Stadium disaster, which left at least 74 people dead on 1 February following a league match between local team Al-Masry and Cairo's Al-Ahly.

The marches, which were organised in Cairo, Alexandria, Gharbiya and Damietta, among other governorates, were all set kick off simultaneously at 2pm.

Cairo's march, which included thousands of protestors, set off from Al-Ahly Club in Zamalek and converged on the parliament building to meet fellow protesters taking part in a weeks-long sit-in. 

Since 15 March, Ultras Ahlawy, one of Ahly's hardcore supporters groups and the organisers of Wednesday's marches, have been engaged in a sit-in in front of the parliament building.

Marchers in Cairo on Wednesday passed by 6th of October Bridge, blocking traffic for some time. Protestors, however, facilitated the passage of ambulances and school buses.

Protesters chanted against the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and the reviled Ministry of Interior and carried banners calling for revenge against the killers of their dead comrades.

Ultras Ahlawy had issued a statement Tuesday listing four main demands: 1) specifying a special judicial department for the case, and a fair and speedy trial; 2) transferring security heads from the Police Academy to jail. as the main defendants in the case are still free; 3) considering the Port Said martyrs as revolution martyrs; and 4) cleansing the Ministry of Interior of corrupt officials, accused of being the primary reason for what had happened in Port Said — that they intentionally wanted to take revenge on the Ultras due to their strong role in the Egyptian revolution.

Ultras also stated that the sit-in at the People's Assembly will be ongoing until these demands are met.

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