Israeli chief of staff threatens Sinai 'terrorists' for Eilat bombing

Sarah Mourad , Friday 6 Apr 2012

Chief of Staff Benny Jants blames 'terrorists' in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula for a recent bombing of a border resort town and warns that they will find anyone 'who thinks they can harm an Israeli'

Lieutenant-General Benny Gantz (R), the Israeli Chief of Staff, and Israel's Defense Minister Ehud Barak

The Israeli army's Chief of Staff Benny Jants blamed what he called "terrorist organisations" in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula for a rocket that struck the southern Israeli resort of Eilat on Thursday.

Jants explained that Israel takes the assault seriously, considering it extremely dangerous.


He warned that the Israeli army is ready to confront any threats, adding that Israel will eventually find whoever "thinks they could harm one Israeli citizen."


The head of military intelligence, Major General Aviv Kochavi, said that throughout the past couple of months they had identified over 10 so-called terrorism infrastructures in the Sinai Peninsula, but they managed to derail planned attacks.  

Kochavi claimed that terrorist organisations are now strongly active in Egypt's Sinai, especially after the Arab Spring uprisings in the MENA region.

Earlier on Thursday, the head of Eilat police, Ron Gertner, told Israeli Army Radio that explosions were heard in Eilat soon after midnight. Police claimed they found the remains of a rocket in a construction site, about 400 metres from a residential area. No casualties or damage were reported.

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